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Oxford City Council

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Welcome to Oxford City Council’s Choice Based Lettings


Choice Based Lettings is an advert based scheme used to allocate social housing. Rather than us deciding on which housing to offer the client, you can tell us which properties you are interested in (with restrictions for some Housing Applicants).

These properties are only available to eligible Housing Applicants registered on Oxford’s Housing Register. 

Lettings cycles will start on a Tuesday and end one week later at midnight on the following Monday. 

The Housing Register

Oxford City Council has formed a partnership with the major Private Registered Providers (PRPs) of Social Housing within the City. This is the Oxford Register for Affordable Housing (ORAH) Partnership.  The Council maintains a common Housing Register on behalf of the partnership.  There is a single application process for all housing and most social housing in Oxford is allocated through this scheme.

The Allocations Scheme

The Allocations Scheme is the policy the Council uses to allocate social housing in Oxford and to prioritise those in housing need on the Oxford Register for Affordable Housing (ORAH) for offers of housing.  A full copy of the Allocations Scheme is available on the Council website ( or from here.

There are currently over 3000 housing applicants on the Housing Register and only around 500 properties are expected to become available to let in Oxford this year.  Due to the high number of households applying for housing in Oxford and the low amount of properties that become available each year many housing applicants will not receive an offer of housing.  Only households in high housing need are likely to receive an offer of housing and some may have to wait many years before they are housed. 

The Council works within the legal and regulatory framework governing the allocation of social housing.  The Allocations Scheme seeks to balance local needs and aspirations with current legislation, guidance and best practice as well as local housing conditions. 

For more information on Choice Based Lettings visit the Oxford City Council website available here.

Finding a Property

The available properties are advertised on this website. They are also advertised in a newsletter that you can pick up in many outlets throughout Oxford or that you can print form the Useful Documents area of this website. To help you decide which properties are suitable for you, click on the links below to:

If you would like help using our service, please contact us.
Click here for more information on how to do so.


Are you interested in Extra Care Housing?

Extra care housing is different because you:

  • live at home, not in a home
  • have your own front door and can decide who comes in
  • can live with your partner or friends
  • can choose to join in social activities such as communal dining, or be more private if you so wish
  • have control over your finances
  • have security
  • have access to 24-hour care support from a care team on site.

The aim is to provide you with a home for life.

For more information please click here. 


Housing Needs Team
Oxford City Council
St Aldate’s Chambers
109 St Aldate’s

Tel: 01865 249811


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If you feel that you may need further assistance, please contact the Housing Needs Team.

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